ASIA Power Rankings | May 12, 2018 – June 20, 2018

Welcome of the first ever Asia Power Rankings! We recently assembled a committee of 6 people that have been in the Asian Rocket League scene since the beginning and have a comprehensive knowledge of Rocket League teams and players in Asia. These people include personals from different Asian orgs and some casters, all having their own unbiased views on the teams. Each of these committee members have used their own methods to derive their rankings and have considered several factors while doing so.


Power Ranking Committee

Owner of 1NE Esports. Top funder of tournaments in the region and has funded Asia Pro League solely by himself.

Co-Director at Rocket League Asia. Admin at 1NE Esports. Also a streamer that we tend to rely on for all the major tournaments in the region.

Admin at Rocket League India

Admin at Rocket League Indonesia

Admin at Rocket League Japan. Caster for Japanese RL Events

OCE-based Caster. Casting major Asian RL tournaments from the beginning.


Round Up

With the only on-going tournament at the moment being the Asia Pro League 2.0 (APL 2.0), most of our first ever power rankings are coming based on those results. At this point, we have had 5 weeks of APL 2.0 League Play that the team will be judged upon. The region has never been closer in terms of skill level and very small nuances are making the difference in rankings at the moment. These power rankings will evolve over time to include more teams as we see them come to the bigger tournaments.



Ripple Esports

#1 – Ripple Esports

Realize / Tenhou / Lime / Ara

Realize has long established himself as the one to build top teams around him. However with the IRL issues facing 2 of his squad members, they have had to forfeit 4 matches in Asia Pro League 2.0, coming back to win 6 matches on the trot to be in contention for a top 4 spot again. A full ripple squad is still the top team in Asia.



#2 – 1NE GloryStone

Kanra / Shaolon / Nemoto / Hageoyazi

Losing to 1NE RL last week has showcased some of 1NE GloryStone’s weaknesses and together with their coach they are working these out. With Ripple struggling to make top 4 due to forfeits 1NE GloryStone has to be odds on favorites to reach finals with the number 1 seed intact.


Paradox Gaming

#3 – Paradox Gaming

Dore52x / Nunki / GGuchi / Mikan

Paradox is still just that little bit behind the top 2 in terms of results, going 5-5 so far in league play they sit in 3rd purely by having lost their matches by such close margins. Their inconsistency must be a concern as we head into the final 2 weeks of Asia Pro League 2.0, but they are 1 win away from top spot so expect a big push in the coming weeks.



#4 – 1NE RL

Misty / Gon / Squirrel / Raqua

Having found their preferred roster 1NE RL’s results have started improving and beating 1NE GloryStone last week shows just how far they have come. They seem to be the team on an upward trend and could still take a top 2 spot in APL 2.0 League Play. Their matches against Paradox Gaming and Mock-It Esports will go a long way to determine their true ranking this season.


Mock-It Esports

#5 – Mock-It Esports ASIA

Juxta / Kerwin / Rothie / orangeman

Mock-It Esports as a team has shown they are not to be taken lightly, with their play-style being very difficult for the faster teams to adapt to. Taking Ripple Esports to a game 5 Mock-It Esports should be higher up had they not lost so many game 5’s this season. Sitting 4th currently they are poised to make a run for the finals.


Vapour Esports

#6 – Vapour Esports

JarelNaden / EPIIC / Guacamole / Azri

Having played almost every week with a different roster Vapour Esports has struggled for any kind of consistency. Despite getting forfeits against Ripple Esports and Senix Esports they seem to be stuck just outside the top 4 spot at the moment. We know their slow and methodical play-style is difficult for teams to disarm, but only when they play with their full squad. Unless JarelNaden can carry his team hard, it will be difficult for them to reach top 4.


Vapour Quantum

#7 – Vapour Quantum

Risky / Acrox88 / Zinx / Ayro

As with Vapour Quantum, another team that seems to struggle putting out the same roster week after week. With a full roster Quantum should be 4th/5th but are currently lagging in 7th place due to inconsistent rosters. The youngest team around, so a lot of potential to move up.


Senix Esports

#8 – Senix Esports

Walrus / Lumi / Broski / Optimistic

At the start of APL 2.0, some of us thought Senix would be able to surprise a lot of teams. Unfortunately they have struggled to field their original starting lineup and have thus far only taken 2 games. As a team they need to take a long hard look at their future plans. If they commit they have the potential to be a top 4 team.


Committee Rankings

Rank TeamTheTastyTAlsNishFaradiseKokkenByzaAverage
1Ripple EsportsRipple Esports1111111
21NE1NE GloryStone2222222
3Paradox GamingParadox Gaming4334333.33
41NE1NE RL3443443.66
5Mock-It EsportsMock-It Esports5555555
6Vapour EsportsVapour Esports6666766.17
7Vapour QuantumVapour Quantum7777676.83
8Senix EsportsSenix Esports8888888

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