ASIA Power Rankings | June 21, 2018 – July 7, 2018

Welcome of the 2nd edition of the Asia Power Rankings! Our committee of 6 people that have been in the Asian Rocket League scene since the beginning and have a comprehensive knowledge of Rocket League teams and players in Asia. These people include personals from different Asian orgs and some casters, all having their own unbiased views on the teams. Each of these committee members have used their own methods to derive their rankings and have considered several factors while doing so.


Power Ranking Committee

Owner of 1NE Esports. Top funder of tournaments in the region and has funded Asia Pro League solely by himself.

Co-Director at Rocket League Asia. Admin at 1NE Esports. Also a streamer that we tend to rely on for all the major tournaments in the region.

Admin at Rocket League India

Admin at Rocket League Indonesia

Admin at Rocket League Japan. Caster for Japanese RL Events.

OCE-based Caster. Casting major Asian RL tournaments from the beginning.


Round Up

With the recent tournament, Asia Pro League 2.0, just getting over. The Power Ranking couldn’t have been much clearer, reflected in a unanimous decision from the panel. These standings are judged on the 6th, 7th and Final week of APL. Note that Ripple Esports were not able to play in the last 3 weeks of APL and therefore were not ranked.





#1 – 1NE GloryStone | +1

Kanra / Shaolon / Nemoto / Hageoyazi

The winner of APL 2.0 and undoubtedly the strongest team in Asia at the moment. They kept themselves at number one seed from early on, only dropping 2 series out of 12 played, in the league play. Even after playing with a sub in the final week, they showed no signs of weakness going in and to no one’s surprise came out as winners, sweeping both of their opponents 4-0.


Paradox Gaming

#2 – Paradox Gaming | +1

Dore52x / Nunki / GGuchi / Mikan

Paradox was a team that wasn’t looking great during the start of the league play. They seemed to struggle throughout the league play, even losing their both games in week 7. Somehow they clutched number 3 seed going in the final week, and that’s when they came back swinging and got themselves a runner-up position in APL 2.0.



#3 – 1NE RL | +1

Misty / Gon / Squirrel / Raqua

They had a good run throughout the league play that kept them at number 2 seed going in the final week. They even beat Paradox in week 6, but unfortunate for them they weren’t able to reciprocate it in the finals and went down 1-4 to Paradox, that pushed them into 3rd place match with Vapour Esports. They were able to beat down Vapour by 3-1 to grab that 2nd runner-up spot.


Vapour Esports

#4 – Vapour Esports | +2

JarelNaden / EPIIC / Guacamole / Azri

Jumping from #6 to #4 in this power ranking, Vapour showcased some excellent gameplay in the 7th week, securing the 4th and last position to get themselves in the Final week. To qualify for the finals week, they wanted to get their series against Paradox to a game 5. They were able to get there and even win it in one nailbiter of a game.


Mock-It Esports

#5 – Mock-It Esports ASIA | –

Juxta / Kerwin / Rothie / orangeman

A team with tremendous potential and great players, but fate wasn’t on their side this time. They needed to win both of their series to get their pass into the final week, they won their first series, but in the second one, 1NE RL didn’t let them have a single game and defeated them 3-0, further crushing their chances to get to the playoffs.


Vapour Quantum

#6 – Vapour Quantum | +1

Risky / Acrox88 / Zinx / Ayro

We all expected to see good stuff from this team, but due to their constant roster changes they were unable to find their synergy throughout the tournament. These players still have high potential if they can iron out all the problems they are having as of now.


Senix Esports

#7 – Senix Esports | +1

Walrus / Lumi / Broski / Optimistic

They tried their best to remain in the competition, but something was off about their team. They weren’t able to perform very well throughout the tournament and even had a couple of forfeits in the league play. They were the underdogs of the competition which were thought to pack a surprise, but unfortunately, they didn’t deliver to it.  


Committee Rankings

 Rank TeamTheTastyTAlsNishFaradiseKokkenByzaAverage
Up11NE1NE GloryStone1111111
Up2Paradox GamingParadox Gaming2222222
Up31NE1NE RL3333333
Up4Vapour EsportsVapour Esports5445444.33
-5Mock-It EsportsMock-It Esports4554554.66
Up6Vapour QuantumVapour Quantum6666666
Up7Senix EsportsSenix Esports7777777

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